With the announcement of GM's bankruptcy, you can definitely count on one thing.  Michael Moore will have something to say.  And he sure does.

Most will never forget Moore's documentary "Roger and Me".  Nor will they forget the controversy that ensued after the release of the movie when your "Average Joe" autoworker was made to look like an educated, single minded, for lack of a batter term "idiot".  That was GM then, when Flint was closed down and the city fell to pieces and is still that way today.  What will happen with GM now?

Amidst all of the controversy, Moore speaks at least a grain of truth and tells it like it is.  Today, he released an article titled "Goodbye, GM".  Rather than paraphrase his words, or bring out a certain viewpoint in his article, I have instead decided to link it in its entirety for you to decide what you believe and don't believe.

The article points to several methods to save factories and thus jobs of the current GM employees.  Many of the included methods point directly to electric vehicles, hybrid, mass transit, and other fuel saving modes of transport that could indeed provide jobs for GM employees.  Maybe GM will listen to Michael Moore; I wouldn't hold me breath though as they never have listened to him in the past.

Read the entire article at the link provided and tell us what you think.

Source:  Michael Moore's Blog Post Goodbye, GM