The privately held company Bright Automotive has added a bright science star to its lineup of employees.  The company welcomes the addition of Evan House as their vice president for battery development.

Evan House has formerly worked for well known scientific and technology related companies such as EnerDel Inc., Seeo Inc, and Altairno Inc.  Altairno credits him for playing a major role in reviving the public's interest in electric vehicles by developing the 100 mile range capability, 10 minute recharge, and 20 year battery life systems.

Bright Automotive looks to apply the talents of house as they ready their upcoming hybrid light duty truck for production in 2012 with hopes of producing 50,000 units annually by 2013.  The truck will be sold to fleet customers only and according to the company will return an equivalent of 100 miles per gallon and will be a plug-in hybrid.

Bright is loading up on well known people in the electric vehicle field as their CEO John Waters was the man responsible for the battery pack for the GM EV1.

Source:  Edmunds