FAW, a large scale Chinese automotive group, recently announced plans to build a new factory that will focus on building hybrid buses and cars.

The factory is scheduled for completion as early as 2012.  The new factory will give FAW the ability to build an expected 1,000 buses and 11,000 sedans each year.

Though the company hopes to sell as many as 12,000 hybrid vehicles each year, previous prediction of sales volume by the company are much lower.  Previously, FAW had announced plans for producing 120 hybrids in 2009, 300 hybrids in 2010, and 650 hybrids in 2011.  The new predictions of 12,000 hybrids in 2012 may be hard to reach according to sales predictions.

Currently, the company is testing a fleet of 12 of its hybrid buses with expectations of 88 more hitting the road by years end.

Source:  Gasgoo