Citroen recently announced that it plans to reintroduce its DS badge.  The DS lineup of cars will be premium Citroen models.  Citroen showed off the first vehicle in its new lineup at the Geneva Motor Show in March.  The first DS vehicle displayed was the DS3 concept, a vehicle about the size of a Mini.

Later down the line, Citroen will introduce the DS5, a larger vehicle which will receive a diesel hybrid power train and make it into production by 2011.  The hybrid system utilized in the DS5 would be the same system that will be in the Peugeot 3008 slated for production next year.

The hybrid power train is called the Hybrid4.  The system is what is termed a through-the-road hybrid.  This setup consists of a diesel engine that provides power to the front wheels of the vehicle and a electric motor that either provides all wheel drive by powering the rear wheels or can power the rear wheels only, without the engine on during low speed motoring.  The system has no mechanical connection between the engine and the electric motor.  They operate independently of each other allowing for either front wheel drive operation, rear wheel drive operation, or all wheel drive operation.

A rendered version of the DS5 has been posted and we will update you with more specifics as additional information becomes available.

Source:  Auto Express