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Last month CNN told us that the Dodge Circuit would be Chrysler's first production ready EV. Today, according to Autocar, the Circuit has been cancelled. Fare thee well, Circuit. We hardly knew ya.

After several auto show appearances, and an ad-campaign asserting that Chrysler was "building a new car company," it appears that the Circuit won't be in the plans. Chrysler's battery deal with A123 Systems indicates that electric vehicles will be part of their future in some capacity, but dropping the Circuit before it sees the sun would be especially disappointing for a company that needs more good news.

Though we hate to say we told you so, "vaporware" was the word we used to describe the Circuit when the first images surfaced in January. We don't know whether the Circuit was a ploy to get some government dough or whether it was simply a victim of Chrysler's uncertain future. We do know that we'd like to see it on the streets, so hopefully Autocar is wrong.

Source: Autocar via Lotus Enthusiast