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Quantya Track

Zero X

Zero X

Two electric motorcycles went head to head in a competition to see which one would hold the title of the fastest electric motorcycle in the motorcross category.

The players included the Zero X motorcycle and the Quantya Track model.  The battle took place at a special event for the two electric bikes.  The event was part of the halftime show at the AMA Maxxis MiniMotor Supercross race.

Zero produces their motorcycles here in the U.S. while Quantya is based in Switzerland.  The battle proved to be a battle between bike makers and countries as both vied for the top spot in electric motorcycles. 

The winner, by a wide margin was the Quantya Track.  Quantya managed to place in first and second while Zero's best finish was third.  Each company had 5 bikes in the competition.

Both companies could meet again soon on the street.  Zero has already released their Zero S street bike, and Quantya is getting their version for street use ready. 

The rivalry between both companies and the show down to make the best electric bikes could intrigue other makes to attempt to take on the competition.

Source:  Zero Press Release



-- Zero Motorcycles Meets Europe's Quantya for their First Ever Public Race --

LAS VEGAS (April 28, 2009) – The world is about to witness a landmark moment in the electric vehicle industry. Today Zero Motorcycles announced a showdown with its European competitor. Ten fully electric motorcycles will compete in a dirt bike race, five from Zero and five from Quantya. The race marks the first time in history that any two electric motorcycle manufacturers will go head to head. It will take place in Las Vegas on May 1st at the Orleans Arena during the halftime show of the AMA/Maxxis MiniMoto Supercross race.

Absent will be the pungent smell of gasoline and the ear splitting noise of engines revving, but all around the Orleans Arena competing racers will be spraying up dirt and catching air as they vie for the title of fastest electric motocross bike in the world.

It will be the third year that Zero Motorcycles, a cutting-edge Santa Cruz based company, will participate in the race. However, this is the first time they will race against their all-electric European rival.

"Races such as this spark innovation in the world of electric motorcycles. This is the future of racing," says Neal Saiki, founder and CTO of Zero Motorcycles. "The Zero X competed well in last year's race and we are excited to showcase our new 2009 model."

The race has drawn significant attention in the past. Previously, 2006 National Motocross Champion, Hall of Famer, and TV commentator Jeff Emig competed in the exhibition race against Dirt Rider editor, Jimmy Lewis. Both were riding Zero X prototypes. After the race Jeff Emig remarked, "I'm expecting the production version (of the Zero X) to have a huge impact in the motorsports industry."

Electric motorcycles are starting to make a significant impact in the motorcycle industry and Zero is leading the way. This event marks a transition point in the greater motorcycle industry and signifies a big step into mainstream culture. The excitement is clearly growing. Ed Fields, a rider from Zero Motorcycles' 24 Hours of Electricross, expresses it well. "These electric bikes are sick! They go like crazy and can take an incredible pounding."

The electric showdown between Zero and Quantya will take place mid-show at this year's AMA/ Maxxis MiniMoto Supercross on May 1st.

Zero Motorcycles is the next step in motorcycle evolution and represents the ultimate electric motorcycle technology. Unencumbered by conventional thinking about how they design, manufacture, and sell high performance electric motorcycles, Zero is on a mission to turn heads and revolutionize our industry by combining the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today's most advanced technology. The result is an electric motorcycle line that's insanely fast, and environmentally friendly.

For information on Zero Motorcycles: http://www.zeromotorcycles.com