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It should probably not come as a surprise that the CEO of a major oil company would not be happy about electric cars, even if the rest of the world is excited.

Such is the case of Royal Dutch Shell CEO Jereoen van der Veer. van der Veer told Reuters that electric cars are, get this, a thing of the past. He also believes they will require too much infrastructure to become practical.

"My milkman used to drive around in electric cars a long time ago ... What's new?" he said.

van der Veers solution to the oil problem...biofuels.

"I want Shell to be really big in one renewable," he said. "That will be biofuel."

So it seems if Shell had its way the electric car would be killed again. Unfortunately for them though the tides of change have risen and there will be no turning back. Maybe van der Veer can find a new job for all those oil trucks, how about milk transport?

Source (IBT)