With possible bankruptcy looming  for General Motors, a lot of decisions remain up in the air. What will come of Saturn and Opel, how will the unexpected fall of Pontiac affect the company, how about Holden's future. Many questions will remain unanswered for some time, but one thing is for certain, GM is betting a lot on the Chevy Volt and confirmed that it may sell Opel, but will retain the rights to the Opel Ampera, the European Chevy Volt.

GM has invested a lot of time, effort, and a ton of money into the Volt program and simply will not risk losing any of the technology associated with the vehicle. The decision to keep the Opel Ampera has been confirmed by Earth2Tech who spoke directly with spokespeople for both GM and Opel.

The only real difference between the Ampera and the Volt lies in exterior design and some interior changes. Essentially, they are identical cars for different markets. GM could decide to sell the Opel version here in the U.S. as an upscale Volt, but that just speculation at this point. The Ampera is schedule for production at the same time as the Volt in late 2011.

Source: Earth2Tech