Today, at their annual shareholder’s meeting in Paris, Renault introduced their Kangoo be bop Z.E. electric prototype, derived from the production Kangoo be bop. The prototype, which is very similar in technology to what Renault will offer in its production electric vehicles, will begin a European tour in July.

This particular Kangoo is powered by a 60HP, 44kW electric motor paired with a reducer that replaces the traditional gearbox. It’s also equipped an under-the-dash mounted lithium ion battery pack from AESC, the Nissan-NEC partnership formed two years ago. According to Renault’s press release, this battery will give the Kangoo a range of 100km on one charge.

Kangoo also boasts a unique plug system that enables to modes of charging. The first is for typical overnight charges (6 to 8 hours) in a conventional household setting (10A or 16A 220V). The second is the quick-charge option, using a 32A 400V three-phase socket, which would re-charge the Kangoo up to 80% capacity in about half an hour. To recharge the battery while driving, Kangoo also has a regenerative braking system.

By the way, that 60HP motor may sound a little wimpy, but it will get a top electronically-capped speed of 130 kph.

Source and photo: Renault