The new Toyota Prius is coming soon and Toyota has hyped the model up like no other before.  Toyota has gone so far in marketing the Prius, even recently posting to YouTube to allow soon to be buyers a sneak peek of what to expect. 

The video posted by Toyota on their own YouTube page takes you through the vehicle and showcases some of the technology of the new Prius as Toyota took a production Prius to one neighborhood to allow an exclusive sneak peak and consumer response session.  They highlight on aspects such as the rooftop solar panels, the self park technology, and the Touch Tracer Display.  Sound interesting; see for yourself at this link.


Advertising today goes beyond traditional media sources by reaching out to a new crowd of car buyers.  Buyers today are internet savvy and Toyota has found a way to reach them.  The new Prius is just around the corner, but the internet has been filled with discussions and rants and raves for months now.  Let's hope the Prius lives up to the hype.

Source:  Toyota