In online discussions, the Toyota Prius reigns supreme.

According to a Nielsen rating report, out of all of the online discussions regarding the Honda Insight as the main focus, 61 percent of them also include a mention of the Toyota Prius.

However, the same does not hold true when the two cars change places.  When the Toyota Prius is the main focus or title of discussion, only 27 percent of respondents mention anything about the Honda Insight.

The report goes on to conclude that, "The Prius is the gold standard to which all other hybrids must aspire." 

Contradictory to the above statement, the report finds that 31 percent of the reviews for the Honda Insight are positive while only 28 percent of the reviews of the Toyota Prius are positive.

In the end though all that matters is how the internet chatter affects sales of each vehicle and the report suggests that 12 percent of people mentioning the Prius plan to buy it compared to only 7 percent for the Honda Insight.

The numbers may or may not tell the story, but that Nielsen even has an interest in the chatter surrounding two hybrid vehicles certainly speaks well for the hybrid vehicle segment and the future of hybrid vehicles.

Source:  Nielsen