Rumors about a possible upcoming Saab and it's connection to the Chevy Volt are certainly intriguing.  But is there any truth to the concept?

The pictured vehicle is called the Saab Fashionista Concept.  It is designed by Mayeul Walser, a 4th year design student at Creopole-ESDI.  According to the designer, its modeled as a 2+2 sports coupe and is inspired by designs of Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

Interesting, maybe, but it's what is underneath that exterior that we care about here.  The Saab Fashionista Concept is built on the Chevy Volt power train.  It has the same range extended drive system and is in nearly every way identical to the Chevy Volt.

A production version could be a few years away, but by using an existing power train, this concept has a better chance at making it into production.

At this point it's uncertain if Saab will even be around in a few years, but this Volt based concept could be promising.

Source: Carscoop