GM and MIT are collectively working on a stack-able City Car that GM feels will be complimentary to their two wheeled PUMA city vehicle.

The MIT City Car is a four wheeled all electric vehicle that adds in the element of being stack-able when parked.  The City Car neatly packs in right up to another City Car on the side of the road.  The City Car is seen as the answer to congested cities and the stack-able element makes it easy to park almost anywhere.

Though GM has provided some funding for the MIT City Car, the design is not inclusive to GM and the rights could be available to other companies if and when the vehicle is produced.  MIT claims the vehicle is cheap to manufacture and could even be developed and marketed by a consumer electronics company.

The MIT City Car is at least five years away from production.  The vehicle is powered by electric wheel motors and could obtain a gas equivalent rating of over 100 mpg.  It also has a longer crusing range and higher top speed than the two wheeled PUMA made by GM and Segway.

Someday we may see the City Car alongside the less traditional two wheeled PUMA in major urban areas and their presence could certainly reduce smog and congestion on major urban roads.

Source:  Wards Auto