As if we didn't already know, tailpipe emissions are dangerous.  That seems are understatement, but the EPA has finally decided that YES tailpipe emissions could be hazardous to your health.

The findings are based upon a study conducted by the EPA under direction of the Obama administration.  The EPA concluded that greenhouse gases contribute to harmful pollution.  According to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, "This finding confirms that greenhouse-gas pollution is a serious problem now and for future generations."

The actual findings do not seem startling and do not even seem unexpected.  We have known for decades that this indeed was the case and that the gases released from vehicles was and still is dangerous.  But the government takes some time to catch up and now that they have proven the findings, they can move forward with stricter guidelines regarding emissions from vehicles.

The EPA will now post its findings for 60 days to hear public comment and will hold a hearing in Arlington, VA on May 18th and in Seattle, WA on May 21st to discuss their findings. 

In the end, the EPA hopes to mandate country wide regulations, rather than state by state regulations as we have in place now.

Eventually, it appears as though regulations will be tightened to the point of making gasoline powered vehicles nearly non-existent and the future generations will have their choice of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, or some other advanced technology vehicle that the future may hold.

Source:  Wards Auto