If you have followed along with a previous article on this website outlining the tax credits that would be awarded to Michigan battery makers, this story provides follow up as the selection of the companies to receive the tax credits has been made.  For background information refer to this story, //www.greencarreports.com/news/electric-cars/blog/1020013_100-million-in-tax-credits-available-for-michigan-battery-manufacturers

The Michigan Economic Growth Authority made their selections yesterday.  3 projects or tax credits are confirmed, the fourth is dependent upon other credits being passed by the legislature.  For now, the companies selected include Johnson Controls Saft Advanced Power Solutions which will open a plant in Holland, MI, A123 Systems which will open a plant in Livonia, and KD Advanced Battery Group with support from Dow Corning which has not selected a plant location at this point.

 The fourth company selected is Korean based LG Chem, but their selection is contingent upon other tax credits coming from the legislature before they will be officially selected.

The four battery makers will bring a combined 6,600 jobs to Michigan when facilities are completed and could provide Michigan with an edge over the rest of the world in production of advanced batteries.

Source:  Associated Press