At the opening of the Seoul Auto Show, Hyundai announced they will launch their first plug-in hybrid in 2012.  The plug-in is expected to be based upon the BLUE-WILL concept currently on display at the auto show.

Previously, we reported that the BLUE-WILL was a plug-in vehicle.  Now the attention turns from concept to production as Hyundai Research and Develop president Yang Woongchul confirms that their first plug-in will be based off  the BLUE-WILL.

According to Yang, their vehicle will compete with the upcoming Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius.  As Yang said, "We want to be the world leader in fuel economy and alternative fuels.  Almost every part of this vehicle has been developed in house.  That will make it possible to make this vehicle affordable."  Pricing has not been announced, but according to Hyundai, they are not selling hybrids to make money.

Stats and performance numbers are only estimates at this point.  According to Yang the BLUE-WILL can travel 38 miles  on electricity alone and he claims a fuel efficiency rating of 106 mpg in electric only mode and 55 mpg in hybrid mode.

Hyundai plans to launch the plug-in BLUE-WILL in late 2012 in the U.S.

Source:  Automotive News