Recently, Honda's President and CEO Takeo Fukui announced that the company plans to introduce a fully electric motorcycle by 2010.  Previously, Honda had introduced prototype scooters and mopeds powered by electricity or fuel cell technology.  The goal of the electric motorcycle is to provide a real world test of electric vehicles and gauge consumer interest.

Why a motorcycle?  Honda believes that a motorcycle will be able to utilize the natural abilities of electric vehicles better than a car and the cost of production is certainly cheaper.  Honda views the electric motorcyle as a way to quickly introduce and try out new technologies in batteries and electric motors before deciding whether or not to employ such technologies in cars.

The motorcycle is the heart of Honda Motors and Honda is the worldwide leader in motorcycle sales.  So it seems fitting that Honda has chosen the motorcylcle for real world testing of some of the most advanced technologies available in vehicles.

Honda expects the introduction of its first fully electric motorcycle to come some time next year and predicts sales for commercial and individual applications.

A motorcycle providing advanced technologies that may one day be applied to cars is thinking outside of the box.

Source:  Honda Press Release