Toyota announces plans to partner with a French utility company to begin road testing its upcoming plug-in Toyota Prius.

Toyota will partner with French utility company EDF to begin testing its plug-in Prius in france.  EDF has begun the process of creating hundreds of charging stations in Strasbourg, France in anticipation of the arrival of 100 next generation plug-in Prius later this year.  The charging stations will have the capability to not only charge the batteries of the Prius, but will also allow for the exchange of information about the vehicle, provide charging status, and an invoice to the customer.

The charging station will be a vital part of the trials of the new Prius.  The feasibility of widespread charging stations provide a foundation for the virtues of plug-in vehicles.

Though the new Prius has the ability to charge its batteries while the engine is running, it can not charge its batteries while parked outside of your home without the assistance of a charging station.  The charging stations provided by EDF are essential to the trails of the upcoming plug-in Prius.

Source:  AutoObserver