Future plans for ZAP and the production of their vehicles in Franklin, Kentucky look promising. A new company formed last week called ZAP Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky, Inc. will take on the task of completion of the ZAP facilities, and production of ZAP vehicles at a site in Franklin, Kentucky.


According to ZAP's CEO Steve Schneider and Gary Dodd of the newly formed ZAP Motor Manufacturing, production of ZAP vehicles in Franklin, Kentucky is a go.

Schneider was thankful to officials at ZAP Motor Manufacturing Kentucky for their commitment to build electric vehicle in Franklin under a supply agreement from ZAP. According to Schneider, he is supportive of Zap Motor Manufacturing's efforts to manufacture ZAP vehicles. Schneider said, "This opportunity to expand US manufacturing will enable ZAP to bring a broader line of practical and affordable electric vehicles to market."

Talks are still ongoing between ZAP's CEO Schneider, and Franklin based Zap Motor Manufacturing CEO Gary Dodd. Discussion surrounds building and assembling ZAP vehicle in the town of Franklin, Kentucky. Schneider believes that Dodd, with extensive experience in building factories for Toyota, Mercedes, and other automotive projects will be able to create jobs and help stimulate the Kentucky economy.

ZAP's CEO Steve Schneider said, "Kentucky's auto industry has been hurt hard by the recent economic downturn and we are particularly grateful to the Governor and State of Kentucky, local officials, and the Department of Energy for their cooperation and encouragement in moving this project forward."

A completion date for the ZAP facility in Franklin, Kentucky is undetermined at this time. However, ZAP and ZAP Motor Manufacturing are optimistic and believe that funds will be available to build vehicles in Franklin in the near future.

Source: Press Release March 10, 2009 from ZAP and ZAP Motor Manufacturing