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Despite all the benefits of electric cars, there remains debate about the fact that they are essentially silent.  Lacking the continuous controlled explosions that combustion engines rely upon, electric cars can roll along without making a sound.  Controversy exists as there are concerns hearing-impaired people might not hear EVs coming increasing the risk of pedestrian accidents.

Mercedes is introducing an electric version of its Mart ForTwo for sale later in the year.  Apparently the car will be outfitted with a sound track by Brabus.

The US Congress is considering a Quiet Car Bill to require a minimum sound level be made by cars.  The National Federation for the Blind has given grant money to a startup company called Vehicle Acoustics to encourage the development of EV sound effects.

There is even a study proving people will hear a Prius after it has passed them while the same group heard an Accord approaching from 3 seconds away.

Personally I want these cars to be nice and  quiet.  It is the drivers responsibility to look out for pedestrians.

What are your thoughts?

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