Those of us not lucky enough to be ZAP insiders haven't yet seen a running version of the Alias roadster, but if we register as dealers, we might: ZAP plans to preview the street-ready Alias during their sales and service training seminar that begins on February 20th.

The Alias is set to go on sale later this year in its limited Signature Series format, and although ZAP is still negotiating with its parts suppliers, they are indicating the Alias will be priced at or below $35,000. ZAP plans to offer the Alias, along with the rest of its 100% plug-in line-up, at a network of authorized sales and service centers. Each month, ZAP invites existing and prospective dealers, as well as EV mechanics (still a new breed), to informational training courses, and this month, ZAP will include the Alias ... which ought to attract scores of EV-hungry investors who have been chomping at the bit to see this vehicle in action.