Aptera plans to make a 3-wheeled electric vehicle called the 2e which exists in working prototype form.

The company has taken orders and planned to deliver its first production car by the end of 2008. Since that date passed, letter went out to those on the waiting list.

Per the letter, "Our most recent corporate commitment was that we would deliver the first production Typ-1, now known as the 2e, by the close of 2008. Despite our well-intentioned efforts, we were unable to complete that vehicle before the close of the year, so it's now slated for January 16."

A new plan is spelled out that volume production launch wont commence until October 2009.

They also admit they made mistakes in assumptions about how people would use their cars. For example they've had to make changes such as roll down widows so people could get a burger at a drive through. Other things such as switching to a front-wheel drive powertrain also certainly contributed to the delay

It also appears the company is searching for the true hard demand for these vehicles in the current economic climate, and are now requiring people on the wait list who had refundable deposits to now to lock-in with a non-refundable $500.

Source (Aptera)