Brabus Tesla Roadster

Brabus Tesla Roadster

Auto enthusiasts have plenty of questions about electric sports cars, not the least of which is how to replace the satisfying rumble of an internal combustion engine. Thankfully the German auto tuners at Brabus have that covered.

They've incorporated a "space sound generator" into a modified Tesla Roadster that will be on display at the upcoming Essen Tuner Show. This device allows the driver to choose between three sound effects for the Roadster: a normal gas engine, a "beam", or a "warp." Stand on the throttle and the volume increases accordingly.

Aside from some carbon fiber aerodynamic mods and new tires, the rest of the Brabus improvements are aesthetic. New rims, under car lighting, scuff plates, a leather floor and matte white paint separate this roadster from those rolling out of Tesla's factory.

No word on when the Captain Kirk edition arrives.

Source: Edmunds Inside Line