• ZF E-Mobility Test Vehicle  -  Germany, 2015

    The supplier ZF has designed and engineered a city-sized EV. Yet it has no plans to build such a model; the one-off prototype is just a means for the German supplier, touting its combined capabilities with TRW Automotive, which it finished acquiring earlier this spring, to flex its muscle on safety and efficiency initiatives and show its technological capabilities for electric vehicles. ALSO SEE: Tesla Model S P85D Lauded By Consumer Reports, 'Breaks' Rating System ZF says the Smart Urban Vehicle is “built from scratch,” although it uses the body structure and other components...

  • ZF eight-speed automatic
    Fuel-Efficient ZF Eight-Speed Automatic Coming To Chrysler Cars By 2013

    Chrysler will soon be offering a new eight-speed automatic transmission developed by Germany’s ZF and used by luxury marques like BMW and Audi. The new transmission is said to be both more fuel-efficient and cheaper to manufacture than ZF’s popular six-speed unit that’s currently used by...

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