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  • Rendering of Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Center, opened in Taby Centrum, Stockholm, Feb 2018

    How to sell electric cars in these early years poses a quandry for all automakers. Tesla chose to avoid existing franchised dealerships and set up its own "stores," where shoppers can learn about plug-in electric vehicles, and their advantages, and have questions answered by Tesla representatives. Buyers then order online. Other makers have had less success with dropping an electric car or two into dealerships accustomed to gasoline vehicles. DON'T MISS: Car dealers are woefully unprepared for electric vehicles: study Today, Renault will open its first electric-car-only showroom to display...

  • 2015 Tesla Model S P85D - 'Chiseled by man and nature'  [photo: George Parrott]
    Who Buys Used Teslas? Younger, More Middle-Class Buyers, Analysis Says

    It's now pretty clear that used electric cars in the mass market depreciate more rapidly than their gasoline counterparts, even after netting out the effect of financial incentives. Early data shows the 200-mile-plus Tesla Model S, on the other hand, holds its value as a used car much better. But...

  • 2012 Chevrolet Tru 140S Concept
    Chevrolet Code 130R & Tru 140S Concept Small Cars: Detroit Auto Show

    Chevrolet has continued its trend towards fuel-efficient small cars today with the unveiling of two new concept cars at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The two cars -- a four-seat, rear-wheel drive coupe called the Code 130R, and a four-seat, three-door, four-seat coupe hatchback called the Tru 140S --...

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