• Prokhorov CityCar natural-gas hybrid vehicle, design prototype

    According to Russian billionaire businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, the company building a new natural-gas hybrid car known as the Yo now has orders stretching out as far as 10 years into the future. The business magnate, investor, and former basketball player told satellite TV channel Russia Today about the 10-year order book this morning. Yo-Auto said last month that it had 100,000 orders. Last October, Prokhorov--who also owns the New York Nets basketball team--announced that he was founding the company with an investment of 150 million Euros ($200 million), to create and build a truly...

  • Prokhorov CityCar natural-gas hybrid vehicle, design prototype
    Russian Billionaire's Natural-Gas Hybrid Electric Car, Yo

    Never let it be said that Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov doesn't put his money where his mouth is. He plans to invest 150 million euros, or about $200 million, in a new company that will build the world's first production natural-gas series hybrid vehicle. The car will be called Yo, which is...

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