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  • 2014 Scion iQ

    Be honest: Have you ever thought about buying a Scion? Toyota's trendy small-car brand has been distinctly neglected over the past several years, and fewer buyers each year are stepping into its dealers. But, says the executive who oversees Scion, fear not: There will be three new products coming in the next couple of years. DON'T MISS: Now We Know: U.S. Buyers Don't Much Want Tiny Two-Seat Cars In an interview with Ward's Auto, Scion head Doug Murtha said the first of three new models will arrive next year--and won't represent "a radical departure" for the youth brand known for edgy designs...

  • 2010 Scion xD
    2010 Scion xD: The Unique Wedge Like Compact in the Family

    Some Say It Is a Sharper Version Of the Original xA

  • Ecolo Green Car Wash - very dirty Scion xD
    Green Car Wash: Less Than One Glass of Water For a Whole Car?

    It's Friday, so it's time to dig deep into the random roundup box. Today we have just one item, and it comes with an intriguing question: Could you wash your car with just a single glass of water? That's the premise of a new product called Ecolo Green Car Wash, from a company in...

  • 2009 Scion xD Release Series 2.0
    2009 Scion xD Release Series 2.0: The Greenest Scion Yet?

    Whenever a car company releases a green car, especially if it's a hybrid, it's usually shown in a green color. The first several thousand Ford Escape Hybrids all seemed to come in a kind of pale metallic green, and other makers use similar colors. Now Toyota's mischievous little brother, Scion, has...

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