Tom Lasorda

  • Teaser sketch for Fisker Project Nina range-extended electric car

    The 2012 New York Auto Show is almost upon us, and last night an unexpected invitation landed in journalist inboxes around the world. The sender was shown as "Fisker Nina Reveal," and the graphic was the simple line drawing above. The message inside was simply that Fisker Automotive would provide "a business update and a glimpse of our future" at an event on Tuesday, April 3, the night before show Media Days begin. That "glimpse of our future" will likely be a full-size design model of the "Project Nina" mid-size range-extended electric car--named after one of Christopher Columbus's three...

  • Tom Lasorda
    Fisker Names LaSorda CEO, Ex-Chrysler Exec, To Run Startup Automaker

    If the proverbial Chinese curse is true, Fisker Automotive has truly been living in interesting times. Its Karma range-extended electric luxury sport sedan struggled into the market in December, months late, and in January the DoE froze $336 million in untapped loans to the company. Now Fisker has...

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