• Th!nk City First Aid Vehicle

    Here in the United States where a typical commute exceeds 15 miles, range anxiety is at the forefront of the electric vehicle discussion. The residents of the island of Terschelling, in the northern Netherlands, needn't worry about such things. Their 12 miles of paved roads represent less than a quarter of the total length of bike paths on the itty-bitty island. Terschelling's size makes it an opportune testing ground for an electric first aid vehicle, and Oslo-based EV maker, Th!nk, has just the car for the job. UMCG Ambulance Service has equipped a Th!nk City with a full complement of...

  • thinkcity_003
    Electric-Car Maker Think Emerges From Bankruptcy, Plans US Sales

    We've always had a soft spot for Think, the Norwegian electric-car company. From its start in 1991, it set out to build not just battery-powered vehicles, but electric cars that could be used on highways and pass all safety tests in any country. That sets it apart from the scores of EV companies...

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