• Dyson Automotive Manufacturing facility  -  Singapore  -  rendering

    Dyson, the British maker of premium vacuum cleaners, aims to enter the electric-car arena—and it’s chosen Singapore as the global assembly site. The company confirmed that its board has ratified the decision for the company itself to construct what it calls a “purpose-built advanced automotive manufacturing facility” there, due for completion in 2020. It says that it chose Singapore for its proximity to high-growth electric-vehicle markets, because of the supply chain, and for its availability of highly-skilled engineers and scientists. Dyson already has a...

  • Bollare BlueCar electric cars will be used in Singapore's new car sharing service, BlueSG
    Singapore launches electric-car sharing program using Bollore BlueCars

    Some of us take for granted the difficulty and cost of owning a car, but more alternatives exist today than did 10 years ago. While many view car ownership as a monthly lease or financing payment, owning a car for others requires finding a place to keep it and perhaps the need to keep moving it...

  • 2016 Tesla Model S
    Singapore levies carbon tax on used Tesla for electricity to recharge it

    A businessman and electric-car fan who imported a Tesla Model S into Singapore has had to pay an additional emission tax on the zero-emission luxury car. While the Tesla runs solely on batteries and has no tailpipe from which to emit anything, the island state levied the tax to reflect the annual...

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