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  • Illinois state capitol [CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons - Daniel Schwen]

    The Illinois legislature has backed away from a proposed $1,000 registration fee targeted at electric cars that was met with scorn and opposition from automakers and electric-car advocates. Instead, the legislature imposed a new registration fee of $248 on electric cars as part of a sweeping measure to build income for the state's highway funds. The new fees may still come as a shock to electric-car owners, who previously paid just $17.50 before, while other drivers paid $98. Instead of paying less, electric-car drivers now pay more. The measure also raises registration fees on gas cars to...

  • Traffic in Atlanta, Georgia during rush hour (via Wikimedia)
    Electric-Car Drivers Don't Pay Their Share? Actually, No One Does

    Gas taxes and tolls don't come close to covering the cost of roads, a new report finds.

  • Gas pump
    12-Cent Rise In Federal Tax On Gas, Diesel Proposed By Pair Of Senators

    Two facts sit in opposition to each other in Washington, D.C., and have for many years. First, raising taxes--in any way, for any purpose, under any circumstances--is virtually impossible. Second, the U.S. Highway Trust Fund is broke, because the Federal gasoline tax hasn't been raised in two...

  • Traffic Jam
    Hybrids & Electric Cars May Spell Doom For America's Roads

    Yesterday, we discussed the problem of America's crumbling roads and bridges. Taxes on gasoline are meant to keep that stuff up to snuff, but the costs of maintenance and upgrades are outpacing revenue. The reason? The federal gas tax hasn't risen since 1993. The Wall Street Journal recently...

  • Gas pump
    How Much Will You Have To Pay For Higher MPG?

    The improving fuel efficiency of modern cars is set to be a double-edged sword for car buyers, at least as far as reducing gas bills is concerned. With gas mileage rising all the time, we're using less fuel--undoubtedly a good thing. That also means less gas tax revenue for the government however...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf, Nashville, October 2010
    Electric Car Tax for Washington Gets One Step Closer to Law

    If you’re a regular reader of AllCarsElectric then you’ll know that electric cars are much cheaper to run than gasoline cars once you’ve actually purchased them, but electric cars in Washington state are just about to get a little more expensive to run thanks to a proposed law...

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