Chrysler PT Cruiser News

  • Chrysler PT Cruiser converted to electric car by EV Innovations, photo from buyer Barrett Lyon

    Our mission here at GreenCarReports.com is to cover the greener end of automobiles, for both new-car buyers and enthusiasts. But unlike other sites, we rarely cover conversions to add plug-in capability to existing cars or hybrids. Why? First, they're not available to mainstream car buyers and are very rarely crash-tested or warrantied. (Hymotion's kit to convert a Toyota Prius into a plug-in hybrid is a notable exception.) Second, many of them are marginally engineered at best. Today's case in point: Barrett Lyon's $30,000 purchase of a Chrysler PT Cruiser converted to all-electric power by...

  • 2006 Chrysler PT Street Cruiser Route 66
  • 2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Chrysler PT Cruiser Survives Through 2011

    We're all irrationally fond of some cars, and one of ours is the 2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser. Technically, it's a small minivan, but the retro-styled gangster look has always disguised that fact completely. And, it's a remarkably practical car. Now comes the news that Chrysler reversed its previous...

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