Prius Liftback

  • 2016 Toyota Prius - first drive, Laguna Niguel, CA, Nov 2015

    The Toyota Prius hybrid has been its maker's "halo car" and an example of its most advanced technology for two decades. Launched from an early-1990s project to halve the fuel consumption of a small car, its hybrid-electric powertrain pioneered mass electrification of passenger cars. But the sales arc of what has grown to be a family of Prius hybrid models in the U.S. has now turned sharply down: Last year's sales were half those of 2012. DON'T MISS: 2017 Toyota Prius Prime: first drive of new plug-in hybrid Prius sales in 2000, its first model year, were just 5,562 units, and the subcompact...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius V station wagon, Half Moon Bay, CA, May 2011
    Toyota Prius Hybrid Family: Which Models Are Most Successful?

    For 12 years, the Toyota Prius hybrid stood alone in the growing lineup of Toyota vehicles. Then, for 2012, the Prius model became a whole family of cars--four of them, in fact. So which of the new Prius family members is doing the best so far, and which kid is lagging and might benefit from some...

  • 2012 Toyota Prius C
    Why Prius Buyers Choose C Over Liftback: Price, Ride, Normality

    Toyota’s new 2012 Prius C subcompact launched earlier this year, but it is already winning itself fans among old and new hybrid car drivers alike. Around $5,000 cheaper than the 2012 Prius Liftback, it offers the same 50 mpg combined as its larger sibling, but why are some car buyers choosing...

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