Pope Benedict XVI

  • Papal Electric Car

    Pope Benedict XVI is already called “The Green Pope” thanks to measures taken since his installation to reduce the carbon footprint of the Vatican City. Now the Vatican can add green transport to the list of the Pontiff’s green virtues, thanks to an electric city car donated to the Vatican by Italian electric car company NWG. A 2-seat electric city car with a top speed of 62 mph and a range of around 86 miles per charge, the tiny car has already received its papal blessing and will be used for official Papal business around the Vatican City. Back in 2010, the Vatican...

  • Pope Benedict XVI (via PacificCoastNews)
    Vatican: Electric Cars Too Slow, Hybrid Popemobile on Way

    Last December we told you that the His Holiness The Pope was keen on swapping his large gas-guzzling Mercedes SUV ‘popemobile’ for a suitable electric car. Now Vatican officials have confirmed the details of Pope Benedict XVI’s latest ride: a custom-made M-Class plug-in hybrid...

  • Pope Benedict XVI (via PacificCoastNews)
    Pope Benedict XVI Gets Charged, Blesses Electric Cars

    He’s the Pontiff to over 1.6 billion people worldwide. But until now, His Holiness The Pope has attended appointments in his fleet of heavily modified and heavily armored Mercedes SUVs. But the Vatican told the press earlier to day that His Holiness was keen to partake of the pleasures of...

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