Plugless Power

  • Evatran Plugless Power review by Transport Evolve screenshot

    Wireless charging for electric cars has been discussed for some time, but at last it is close to becoming a more realistic option for drivers. Evatran currently markets its Plugless wireless-charging system for multiple electric-car models. But what does it really take to ditch that charging cable—and is it really worth it? DON'T MISS: Plugless charging for 80 percent of electric cars by end of 2017: Evatran (Oct 2016) The video above from Transport Evolved shows exactly how the system works, using a Nissan Leaf as the experimental guinea pig. The Plugless system uses inductive...

  • Evatran Plugless wireless charger for Tesla Model S
    Wireless electric-car charging: perfect for automated parking?

    A luxury residence in Philadelphia is combining automated parking with wireless charging.

  • Installation of Plugless Power wireless charging system in Nissan Leaf & Hertz HQ, Park Ridge, NJ
    Installing A Wireless Charging System: What It Really Takes

    Electric cars of various types are often grouped as "plug-in cars," but recharging the battery pack doesn't always require an actual plug. Wireless charging, in which the car is positioned over a charging pad on the floor of a garage, is sometimes touted as a technology that will ease the adoption...

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