Parking tickets

  • EV parking sign, Portland OR

    The problem of gasoline cars parking in spaces reserved for plug-in electric cars to recharge at is nothing new. It's known as "ICE-ing," referring to cars with internal combustion engines parking where they shouldn't. But the problem has proved to be lucrative for Raleigh, North Carolina. DON'T MISS: Been ICEd? Gas Cars Parking In Electric-Car Charging Spots (Video) That city earned $27,000 in the year ended November 30 from parking tickets on one single electric-car charging spot, located on the city's busy downtown Fayetteville Street. That represents 540 tickets, at $50 apiece, placed on...

  • Blink notices for electric-car owners to use if charging-station parking spots are taken by gas cars
    Electric-Car Owners: Gas Car In Your Space? Use This Notice!

    It's called in shorthand "being ICEd," meaning that an Internal-Combustion Engined car has parked in a space reserved for plug-in electric cars. What to do about it is the subject of much discussion among electric-car owners. Now charging network Blink is offering at least a partial solution. The...

  • Handicapped parking space Shares Room With Electric Car Charging Station
    Parking, Charging Your Electric Car? Read The Signs First

    You know the score: you’re running late for a meeting, dinner date or flight, and need to find somewhere to charge your electric car while you’re gone. So you head to the nearest parking garage where you know there’s free electric car charging, park up, plug in and head off. But...

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