• Obesity Vs. Fuel Economy: Infographic (Allstate insurance)

    Cars might be getting lighter and ever more efficient in an attempt to reduce emissions and improve gas mileage, but according to Allstate insurance, there’s one factor which affects gas mileage which is heading the wrong way: occupant weight. According to the insurance firm, the rising tide in obesity is slowing down the improvement in gas mileage of new cars. Its attempt to help raise awareness of the impact weight has on gas mileage? A series of helpful, informative infographics. Providing a quick and easy-to-understand appraisal of the issues of obesity and gas mileage, the series...

  • Erwin Wurm's Fat Car
    Could Higher Gas Prices Help Obese Americans Lose Weight?

    With gas prices above $4 a gallon (at least this week), we've entered a familiar cycle. Man-on-the-street interviews feature wailing and moaning about how politicians "should do something" about gas prices. Drivers start to combine their trips, and make sure to use their most fuel-efficient...

  • Erwin Wurm's Fat Car
    Bigger Cars, Fatter Passengers: The Fuel Cost of Obesity

    America loves to complain about gas mileage and the cost of gasoline.  As it turns out, part of the problem is us. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a 1.1 percent increase in self-reported obesity, which translates into extra weight that your vehicle has to haul...

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