• Tesla Autopilot

    Investigators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are scheduled to examine the crash of a Tesla Model S that hit a fire truck parked on a California freeway. The driver claimed the Model S was operating with Tesla's AutoPilot functionality turned on, according to a tweet sent by a firefighters union that had members at the scene of the incident. The National Transportation Safety Board had deployed investigators to the accident on Wednesday. DON'T MISS: Tesla Hardware 2: so what functions work in Autopilot and what don't? According to Reuters, NHTSA stated it would...

  • Tesla Enhanced Autopilot
    Fatal Tesla Autopilot crash: 'system safeguards lacking,' says NTSB

    The Florida crash that killed the driver of a Tesla Model S while that car was operating under Autopilot software reverberated far and wide in global media. While human drivers are imperfect, with reaction times limited by millions of years of evolution, they at least provide a focus for blame if...

  • Tesla Autopilot
    Tesla driver killed in Autopilot crash ignored repeated warnings, NTSB says

    The National Transportation Safety Board has published its first findings after investigating a fatal highway crash in 2016 involving a Tesla Model S and a tractor trailer. The crash occurred on last summer after 40-year-old Joshua Brown was driving with Tesla's Autopilot engaged. The system failed...

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