North Carolina

  • Prototype EVgo 350-kw fast-charging station Fremont, CA

    Electric vehicles aren't always associated with speed and performance, but researchers at North Carolina State University may have discovered a breakthrough to change those qualities inside their batteries. Of all things, water may hold the key to faster electric-car battery technology. Researchers compared two materials, a crystalline tungsten oxide and a layered, crystalline tungsten oxide hydrate—which consists of crystalline tungsten oxide layers separated by atomically thin layers of water. DON'T MISS: Electric-car batteries: $100 per kwh before 2020, $80 soon after? When charging...

  • Nissan Leaf electric car using DC fast-charging station at BP in Metrolina area of Charlotte, NC
    Nissan partners with oil company for electric-car fast charging sites in Charlotte

    It's one of the questions for future electric-car charging infrastructure: what about putting them at gas stations? On the one hand, drivers are used to going to gas stations, which are often conveniently located on both local and long-distance routes. On the other hand, gas-station stops generally...

  • EV parking sign, Portland OR
    Gas Cars Parked In One Electric-Car Spot Earn Raleigh $27,000 A Year

    The problem of gasoline cars parking in spaces reserved for plug-in electric cars to recharge at is nothing new. It's known as "ICE-ing," referring to cars with internal combustion engines parking where they shouldn't. But the problem has proved to be lucrative for Raleigh, North Carolina. DON'T...

  • Carpooling
    North Carolina To Make Trip-Reduction 'Green' Laws Illegal

    Oh, North Carolina: Are you cutting off your nose to spite your face? That's the impression at least some commentators have gained on learning of a state bill that will become law on August 25, with or without the signature of Gov. Pat McCrory. The bill would invalidate Durham County's Commute Trip...

  • Tesla owners & supporters gather in Statehouse in Austin to support company [photo: John Griswell]
    North Carolina Wants To Make It Illegal For Tesla To E-Mail Customers

    How far will state car-dealer associations go to prevent Tesla Motors from opening its electric-car showrooms and selling cars over the Internet? A long, long way. In North Carolina, a new law passed by the state Senate would apparently make it illegal for Tesla to e-mail its customers. In other...

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