Nissan Invitation

  • 2012 Nissan Invitation Concept

    Sometimes at an international auto show, a new concept car is unveiled that is truly stunning -- but is unlikely to ever make it to the U.S. We call them Forbidden Fruit. Like most Forbidden Fruit, we feel sad when we can’t take them home. That’s how Nissan’s latest concept subcompact -- the Invitation -- leaves us feeling. Unveiled today at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the B-segment Invitation occupies the same class as the 2012 Nissan Juke, but combines sporty looks with a classic hot hatch form factor. Fitting into the increasingly competitive subcompact hatchback segment...

  • 2012 Nissan Invitation Concept
    Nissan Invitation Concept Is Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta Competitor

    Although Nissan already has a subcompact, fuel efficient hatchback in the U.S. market in the form of the 2012 Versa hatchback, the Japanese automaker has just released details on an inviting new subcompact concept car it plans to unveil at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Called the Nissan Invitation...

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