• Protean in-wheel electric motor

    Protean, one of the persistent innovators focusing on in-wheel motor technology, has been purchased by China's NEVS, which owns the remains of Saab.

  • Faraday Future FF91 prototype
    Faraday Future posts "For Sale" signs, as Evergrande backer announces first EV

    Faraday Future has been selling like crazy lately. Only, not its cars. The company announced last week that it is seeking a buyer for its original factory site in Las Vegas, where it announced at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show that it would build its future FF91 and FF81. It also announced then...

  • 2019 Kia Niro EV first drive  -  Santa Cruz, CA  -  February 2019
    Kia Niro EV drive, Tesla service, electric car ads: Today's Car News

    Tesla plans to make service quicker, easier, and automatic. National Electric Vehicles Sweden bought a stake in Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg. And our latest Twitter poll asks for readers' opinions about electric-car ads. All this and more on Green Car Reports. In our first chance to drive the...

  • Koenigsegg Agera FE Thor and Vader
    Swedes unite: NEVS pairs Saab with Swedish supercarmaker Koenigsegg

    Swedish automakers all seem to be going electric, and Chinese investors are bringing them together. In the latest announcement last week, Hong Kong health-insurance conglomerate Evergrande Health flexed its muscle to scoop up a second Swedish automaker. Last month, Evergrande, which became most...

  • NEVS 9-3 concept, 2017 CES Asia
    Faraday Future funder writes its own Saab story

    Chinese health insurer Evergrande Health really wants in on electric cars. After backing Faraday Future and running into a feud with its Chinese founder Jia Yueting, Evergrande on Tuesday bought a controlling interest in National Electric Vehicles Sweden, the Chinese company that bought the rights...

  • Production of first NEVS 9-3 at plant in Tianjin, China is celebrated
    First all-electric NEVS 9-3 sedans (nee Saab) built in China two weeks ago

    The company that bought the remains of Swedish carmaker Saab, known as National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), finally celebrated the start of car production in China two weeks ago. NEVS first production vehicle is the 9-3 electric, of which it plans to produce 50,000 copies annually during phase...

  • NEVS 9-3 concept, 2017 CES Asia

    Swedish auto brand Saab may never return, but the company NEVS has now officially debuted its production electric cars—which are adapted from Saab assets it acquired following the brand's fall from grace. NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) is, in fact, a Swedish company, though it's backed by Chinese investors. Its 9-3 series, made up of a four-door sedan and a 9-3X wagon, debuted earlier this week at the 2017 CES Asia trade show. DON'T MISS: Saab Owner NEVS To Launch Five Electric Cars By 2018, For Chinese Market Yes, it's based on the long-gone Saab 9-3 and 9-3X models that date...

  • Saab 9-3 EV electric prototype shown by NEVS, 2014
    NEVS gets production nod for electric-car plant in China

    Since it bought the assets of bankrupt automaker Saab in 2012, Chinese-backed consortium National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) has been working toward mass production of electric cars. But despite ambitious plans for a multi-model lineup of electric cars, the company has made relatively little...

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