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    Last week, electric car maker Tesla Motors made history as the first automotive company to go public since Ford in the 1950s, but its share price continues to drop, down another 9.24 percent so far today. Despite its buzz and sex appeal, it looks like the company won’t be able to escape the fate of other green stocks, which continue to perform miserably. Nick Hodge of Green Chip Stocks has taken a deep dive into exactly how bad the situation is — and it’s pretty bad with solar and clean energy stocks spearheading the decline. In the last 24 months, green equities have lost as much as 72...

  • Elon Musk
    IPO Nets Tesla CEO Elon Musk A Cool $24 Million

    When Tesla (Nasdaq:TSLA) finally listed on Nasdaq on Tuesday its share price went from $17 up to $23.89 at the end of trading, a gain of almost 41 percent in just one day alone. Scores of profit takers would have been rejoicing; among them Tesla CEO Elon Musk who managed to walk away with a cool...

  • Closing price of Tesla Motors stock on third day of trading
    Why Is Tesla’s Stock Deflating After Only Two Days?

    Good news for those of you who shorted Tesla Motors' stock: the electric car company’s shares are already falling in price as the zeal around its $226 million public debut begins to fade — after just two days. TSLA closed at $21.96 today, its third day of trading, after falling $1.87. Yesterday...

  • Closing price of Tesla Motors stock on first day of trading
    Last minute sprint boosts Tesla shares to $23.89, valuation to $2.2B

    The Nasdaq is closed, and Tesla Motors [NSDQ: TSLA] is ending its first day on the market at $23.89 a share, a 40.5 percent increase over the $17 pricing it announced last night. This is a rock star showing for the electric car company, which has exceeded expectations that were already sky high. As...

  • Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors
    Tesla IPO Raises More Than $226 Million

    Tesla (Nasdaq:TSLA), or TSLA as it will trade under on Nasdaq, has been priced at $17 per share, allowing the electric car start-up to raise more than $226 million in its IPO. Investors were expecting the share price target range to be between $14 and $16 but the overflow of excitement saw Tesla...

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