• 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI

    In September 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed Volkswagen's use of illegal "defeat device" software in its diesel cars. The software routines allowed cars to pass emissions tests while still producing up to 35 times the legal limits of nitrogen oxides in real-world driving, setting off a scandal that is still being dealt with. Volkswagen is proceeding with buybacks and modifications of affected cars, both in North America and Europe, but the excess pollution may have already had a significant public-health effect. DON'T MISS: Volkswagen diesel buyback: some buyers still...

  • 2015 Nissan Leaf fully charged at start of road trip  [photo: John Briggs]
    Electric-car range anxiety exists, but it's overblown, says MIT study

    An MIT study finds that electric cars are already capable of replacing the majority of internal-combustion cars.

  • MIT cheetah robot
    Hardly A Vehicle, MIT's Electric Cheetah Is Still Impressive

    MIT replaces gasoline with electricity with its latest robot.

  • Rush hour traffic in Washington, D.C. (photo by Flickr user haddensavix)
    Car Emissions Hurt You More Than Electricity Generating: Here's Why

    As an electric car owner, you're probably used to the accusatory look people give you when they inquire as to where your electricity comes from. The answer they're looking for is power stations, of course--before launching into a tirade about plug-in vehicles being just as dirty as regular...

  • Hiriko folding electric minicar
    Hiriko Electric Car: Clean, Green, Out-Parks Smarts

    When Smart launched its ForTwo over a decade ago in Europe, the company heavily played the car's ability to park nose-on to a curb, thanks to its short length. Parking a Smart is hardly difficult anyway, but in crowded cities like Paris, Rome or Madrid, every inch helps. Still, that perpendicular...

  • 2011 Honda CR-Z
    Better Fuel Efficiency Eaten By Fatter Cars, MIT Study Says

    There's a popular comparison going around the internet that conveniently links the gas mileage of a car made nearly 30 years ago with one made today. That comparison involves the 1980s Honda CR-X HF, and the modern 2011 Honda CR-Z. At 41 mpg city and 50 mpg highway under current EPA ratings, the...

  • A sample of Cambridge crude liquid battery material

    Just two months ago, we published an April Fool's piece about a fictional new BP cell research project that would allow battery packs to be refilled at fuel station pumps. Truth is stranger than fiction, truly. Yesterday, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology described a nascent research project--a real one--involving a battery that could recharge fully in mere minutes, by pumping out and refilling tanks that contain thick liquids that serve as the cell's electrodes. Liquid electrodes The idea is that the cell's cathode and anode are not solid metallic compounds, as in current battery...

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