MINI Rocketman Concept

  • MINI Rocketman Concept MkII

    When it debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the original MINI Rocketman Concept was quickly embraced for its very MINI mini-ness. It was also speculated to be on its way to production--a rumor that was quickly shot down by BMW, MINI's parent brand. But a MkII version of the concept revealed ahead of the 2012 London Olympic Games has rekindled hope that the Rocketman may yet be built. With a 3+1 seating layout, very compact exterior dimensions (about 10 feet long overall) and characteristically MINI-cute design, the Rocketman MkII updates the original's design with a Union Jack color scheme...

  • Tesla Model S Alpha build
    Just Build It Already! 5 Green Cars We're Still Waiting For

    The concept car has a lot to answer for. They appear at motor shows around the world to preview what we can expect from future models, but invariably the production model ends up about half as interesting to look at and without most of the technology, thanks to cost constraints. Even worse though...

  • MINI Rocketman Concept
    Many More Minis: BMW Plans Up To 10 Different High-MPG Models

    We know that the Mini lineup will expand into several sizes, Now an executive at BMW (which owns the iconic British brand) has said there may be as many as 10 different Mini models in future. The Mini lineup for 2011 already includes four models: There's the Mini Cooper three-door hatchback and...

  • MINI Rocketman Concept
    An Even Minier MINI: Tiny 3-Cylinder Carbon-Fiber Car In 2014

    If you, like us, think the modern-day MINIs are simply getting too big to be called a mini, then never fear as the automaker is reportedly set to launch its smallest model yet. MINI showed off a new concept car the recent 2011 Geneva Motor Show called the Rocketman, which is probably the closest...

  • MINI Rocketman Concept
    MINI Rocketman Inspires Dreams of 94 MPG

    94 miles per gallon sounds pretty good doesn’t it? What about a glass roof etched with the Union Jacket and an overall length of 11 feet 3 inches? If that sounds interesting to you, then the MINI Rocketman is going to be right up your alley. It even has a feature that they call “complex...

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