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  • 2018 BMW X3 prototype

    BMW will use media days at the Los Angeles auto show, which begin on November 29, to unveil a new electric car that's never before been seen. The electric model that will debut in California wasn't otherwise specified in the German maker's announcement, which called it simply "a world premiere vehicle." It's entirely possible, however, that it might be a concept version of the future BMW X3e, an all-electric version of its next-generation X3 compact crossover utility vehicle. DON'T MISS: Mini Electric Concept revealed in Frankfurt auto show debut It could also be something entirely different...

  • 2016 MINI Cooper S Convertible  -  First Drive
    Electric Mini officially confirmed by BMW CEO, also electric BMW X3

    BMW will build all-electric versions of the X3 crossover and an unnamed Mini model.

  • MINI Rocketman Concept MkII
    Next electric MINI confirmed by development team?

    The MINI Rocketman concept may go into production with an electric powertrain.

  • MINI E electric cars used in vehicle-to-grid test. Photo by University of Delaware/Evan Krape
    Delaware Vehicle-To-Grid Test Lets Electric Cars Sell Power

    The University of Delaware is testing a fleet of electric cars that can discharge power back into the grid.

  • Mini E electric vehicle
    Will There Be Another Electric Mini E Within A Few Years?

    Back in 2009, the MINI E electric car was BMW's very first attempt at building a battery-electric vehicle. The fleet of several hundred electric MINIs was leased out to volunteer test drivers in the U.S., Europe, China, and the U.K. to let the company gather data on how drivers used plug-in cars in...

  • Mini E and BMW ActiveE in New Jersey (photo: Michael Thwaite)
    Living With The Mini E Electric Car For Two Years: Memories

    So, first, a little history. Our family car was a 2008 Audi A6 Avant S Line, silver with a black interior. My husband Michael had a 2005 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works. Both were very nice cars. In February 2008, Michael discovered the Tesla Roadster, and decided he had to have one. We did the...

  • 2010 mini e electric vehicle ev la auto show live 009

    The Northeast MINI E Meetup in New Jersey was the last before drivers of the experimental MINI E test fleet must return their cars to BMW to be dismantled and crushed.

  • 2010 mini e electric vehicle ev la auto show 022
    BMW's UK MINI E Test Ends: Drivers Happy, But...

    A few months after BMW and MINI's electric car study ended in the United States, a similar scheme run in the U.K. has also come to a close, and the results are in... ...and if you've read the results of the American tests, the figures coming from the U.K. will all look very familiar. Basically, all...

  • Are Public Charging Stations Really Needed for EV Deployment?

    There's been a lot of discussion and consideration given to the topic of public charging stations for electric vehicles. The old "chicken verses egg" conundrum is called to mind as auto makers and politicians seem to fumble around without really knowing what to do and where to allocate funds. Will...

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car at quick charging station
    Electric Vehicle Range, In the Real World: What You Need to Know

    At the moment, drivers of cars from the  2011 Mitsubishi i-MiEV to the 2010 Mini E are struggling to achieve the official mileage-range figures. So far, only Tesla's 2010 Roadster seems to be able to deliver on its range promises, and that's just when driven conservatively. Why are we hearing so...

  • BMW Mini
    BMW's New Hydrogen Hybrid Mini: Hydrogen, Huh? Oh, REALLY?

    Perhaps we're a little cranky this morning, still being on Greenwich Mean Time while the clock says Eastern Daylight. Or maybe we're just cynical. But could everyone please take a deep breath and consider reality before getting all hot and bothered over news that BMW seems to be working on a...

  • 2009 BMW Concept ActiveE
    BMW MegaCity Urban Electric Car To Be Built of Carbon Fiber

    We don't know what it looks like yet, but another detail emerged yesterday on BMW's upcoming tiny MegaCity urban electric vehicle: It will be built out of carbon fiber that is partly made in the U.S. BMW will partner with composites expert SGL Group to construct a new plant in Moses Lake...

  • 2009 BMW Concept ActiveE

    BMW has now produced two electric cars: the two-seat Mini E, of which 600 examples are on test in the U.S., Europe, and U.K., and the new ActiveE Concept unveiled at last month's Detroit Auto Show, which will be similarly tested starting next year. But these are just preludes. The company will launch an all-electric vehicle sometime "during the first half of this decade," BMW said. That will be its first-ever full production vehicle to run solely on electricity stored in a battery. In other words, not an engine in sight (though for markets outside the U.S., a small and ultra-efficient...

  • MINI E
    Mini E Drivers Mostly Happy; Cold Weather, Service Problematic

    It's always good to be suspicious when an automaker sends out a press release saying customers are "delighted" with its products. In the case of the Mini E, BMW offered data to back up the claim. At the Washington Auto Show today, BMW released early results from a study of 57 customers who leased...

  • 2009 BMW Concept ActiveE
    Detroit Auto Show Preview: BMW Concept ActiveE Electric Car

    A little more than a year ago, the all-electric Mini E stole the limelight at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show. Now, BMW has released details of its next all-electric concept car, which will formally debut at next month's Detroit Auto Show. The BMW Concept ActiveE electric car is based on the BMW...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf prototype
    Los Angeles: The New Launchpad For Electric and Plug-In Cars

    Editor's note: High Gear Media wants you to write for us. Here's what happens when you do--you get published alongside the pros, if your post is smart, well-written, and (for has the goods on the greenest of wheels. Want to be our next contributor? Check us out, sign up, and...

  • 2009 MINI E
    Electric Mini E Launched In UK--With Steering Wheel on Wrong Side

    Mini has been on a roll this year, with a new Coupe concept to celebrate its 50th birthday and the much-publicized U.S. release of 200 Mini E electric conversions. Now, 40 Britons will be able to drive the electric Mini E as well, 20 of them members of the public chosen from more than 500...

  • MINI E
    Infrastructure Hurdles Hinder Mini E Trial

    Being a pioneer isn't easy. Just ask BMW North America CEO, Jim O'Donnell. As the German automaker continues to test 450 electric Minis (aptly called Mini Es) in New York, New Jersey and L.A., creating the charging network has proven challenging. "We are learning a heck of a lot just about the...

  • image from hybrid-car spam

    We get a lot of spam. Everyone gets a lot of spam. In fact, Symantec says nine of every 10 e-mail messages are spam. But we're scratching our head over a recent spam that uses the topic of hybrid cars, particularly clumsily, to link (via Dubai, no less) to real carmakers' hybrid, diesel, and electric car sites. Shouldn't they use actual...hybrids? The e-mail we received carried the subject line, "Drive Smarter. Drive Hybrid." We opened it immediately. Hey, that's one of our most popular topics here at, right? We noticed a few puzzling features: the primitive typography...

  • Week One: Driving the MINI E Electric Car

    MINI E Electric Car 1 Year Test Drive

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