Land Rover Defender

  • Land Rover Electric Defender at the Eden Project, Cornwall

    Land Rover's iconic Defender has proved itself many thousands of times over by now on everything from farms to off-road endurance rallies to the battlefield. Its latest task is a little more relaxed than those duties, but then the powertrain is a little different too. Land Rover's first electric Defender is undergoing evaluation at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England, towing a visitor road train between the park's entrance and the large hexagonal-paneled biomes that make up the Project itself. The Eden Project was completed in 2000 and the distinctive biomes contain plants from all around...

  • 2013 Land Rover Defender All-Terrain Electric
    Iconic Land Rover Turned Into Electric Car Research Vehicle

    The Land Rover Defender is as much an automotive icon in Great Britain as the Jaguar E-Type, MGB or the Austin Mini. It's not as glamorous as any of them, but the car's chunky styling, go-anywhere ability and incredible longevity have resulted in the design barely changing since its introduction in...

  • Axeon All-Electric Land Rover Defender
    Land Rover Greens Up Savannah Safaris With All-Electric Defender

    Going on safari to one of the many game parks found in Africa is a once in a lifetime experience for most. But trundling around in a gas-guzzling SUV to shoot some memorable holiday snaps of everything from lions and tigers to gazelles and rhinoceros is hardly very green is it? Enter european...

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