• 2017 Nissan Leaf

    When it comes to promoting electric cars, California is rightfully viewed as the most active. But efforts are not limited to the Golden State. If one electric utility has its way, more electric cars will soon be plying the roads of America's heartland. CHECK OUT: Kansas City Power & Light To Build 1,000 Electric-Car Charging Sites (Jan 2015) A charging-infrastructure program launched two years ago by Kansas City Power & Light is now starting to show results, reports NPR. In early 2015 the utility announced plans to install more than 1,000 charging sites in its service area, which...

  • 'Diesel fuel only' caution on Audi Q7 TDI
    Researchers Modify Oilseed To Lower Viscosity For Use As Biodiesel Fuel

    Heading into another U.S. presidential election year, getting more biofuels into the U.S. gasoline supply continues to pose both political and logistical hurdles. But researchers, regulators, and entrepeneurs increasingly see promise in synthetic diesel created from a variety of non-fossil fuel...

  • Big square baler harvesting wheat straw for production of cellulosic ethanol
    Will Biofuels Be Better For Plastics Than For Vehicle Fuel?

    Biofuel companies may use ethanol to make plastic bottles and soap, as well as fuel.

  • Corn Ethanol Pump
    E15 Ethanol Gasoline Arrives...At One Station In Kansas

    If ever there was a suitable place to sell stronger blends of ethanol in gasoline, it's the midwest. With vast supplies of common crops like corn, the midwestern states are ideal for ethanol production and sales. And kicking off that trend is one lone gas station in Kansas, the first to sell E15...

  • Ecotality Blink Level 2 residential charging station for electric cars
    Kansas Considers Taxing Electric Car Owners When They Plug In

    The state of Kansas is famous for a lot of things, from its wild sunflowers and large wheat-fields through to its miles and miles of straight roads, an incredibly flat landscape, and a certain 1939 musical about a little girl, a tornado, and her dog. This week however, Kansas became one of the...

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