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    OK, file this one in the Tempests & Teapots folder: A "visibly annoyed" Jay Leno has now defended Chevrolet's 2011 Volt electric car. He wants it known that he likes the car. Really, he does. The comic claims he was quoted out of context by Detroit News reporter Robert Snell, who wrote that Leno compared the Chevy Volt to a the unimpressive Cobalt compact, and didn't think owning one of the first Volts would give a driver much "cachet." On ABCNews.com, Leno said the Volt was indeed a breakthrough vehicle--hardly a radical assertion. General Motors representatives joined in the...

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    2011 Chevy Volt Doesn't Impress Leno; World Yawns, Ignores Him

    Talk-show host and comedian Jay Leno has long been known as a car fan and collector. And car companies often play nice with him to get their products onto his show. While GM worked with Leno on his EcoJet green sports car in 2006, the company is hardly a patsy. Leno told the Detroit News that the...

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    Jay Leno Gets 2013 Ford Focus Electric, But What Would Conan Drive?

    With the "Green Car Challenge" segment of his soon-to-be-terminated 10 pm show, Jay Leno has been a frequent proponent of electric cars--among them the upcoming electric version of the Ford Focus. Now that car has a name, as Ford happened to mention during a 2010 Detroit Auto Show press event. The...

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