Hyundai Blue

  • Hyundai Hybrid Blue Drive

    Whether it is attributable to tightening CAFE or EPA requirements for present and future car models or the need to appeal to consumers that are looking to be more socially responsible, car makers are stepping up their game when it comes to fuel efficiency and sustainable practices. As we reported earlier today, Ford is using recyclable materials in the new 2012 Ford Focus and they are also using sustainable materials in the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ford isn’t the only one that is making inroads to becoming greener; Hyundai is quickly putting themselves in the spotlight as well and getting...

  • Hyundai i10 electric vehicle
    Korea's First EV: Hyundai Unveils BlueOn Subcompact

    With the focus on big EV launches from Japan and the United States, South Korea has now joined the fray, with their largest car company, Hyundai, launching the BlueOn. The BlueOn is Hyundai and South Korea's first pure electric car. Based on the i10, the new subcompact EV carries a 16.4...

  • Hyundai Blue-Will Concept, 2010 Detroit Auto Show
    2010 Detroit Auto Show: Hyundai Blue-Will Plug-In Hybrid Concept

    We somehow omitted one hybrid concept until now in our 2010 Detroit Auto Show coverage; it's the Hyundai Blue-Will four-door sports sedan, which is unusual in both name and looks. Some loved it, some loathed it, but we're as interested in its plug-in hybrid powertrain as in the rather nervous...

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