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  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands [Image: Flickr user _dChris]

    European countries continue to assess more aggressive policies that favor or mandate zero-emission vehicles to move away from fossil fuels for transportation. Last year, a recommendation passed by the Dutch senate proposed The Netherlands join Norway in banning the sale of new cars powered solely by internal-combustion engines after 2025. That measure received no followup from the government, and hence did not become law. DON'T MISS: Netherlands joins Norway in plans to end new gas, diesel car sales Now, the Dutch government has proposed a policy toward the same goal, though on a less...

  • Taxi Electric Tesla Model S taxi in Amsterdam
    Tesla Taxis In Holland Follow Norway In All-Electric Green Cabs

    Taxi Electric will augment an existing fleet of Nissan Leaf electric cabs with Tesla Model S plug-ins.

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands [Image: Flickr user _dChris]
    Is Holland Europe's Test Case For Electric Cars?

    Plug-in cars are catching on in the Netherlands, and it isn't hard to see why. It's a relatively small country, with high gas prices, heavy taxes on gas-guzzlers, and particularly flat land--no range-sapping hills for short-range electric vehicles. It's also largely pro-environmental, while cycling...

  • Adopt a Highway
    Netherlands To Tax Miles Traveled, As Well As Gasoline

    One problem with raising fuel efficiency is that unless total miles driven rises radically, receipts from gasoline taxes will fall over time. And that poses a major problem for the steady stream of revenue needed for road construction and repairs. Taxing vehicle miles traveled has been one proposed...

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